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Polyfunctional object: Pekárska street Trnava


 Object is set right in the historical centre of Trnava, in a quiet location, belonging to the central city zone. Total width of the object is 25,75m. Built up area is 845,7m2. Across the whole range of the plot the object has two floors with an attic. The main and rear wing is interconnected with the middle wing. The shape of the object resembles the letter H. The basement floor provides parking space for 30 cars, and is accessible through a ramp from the Pekárska street. The ground floor is designed for 3 commercial/sales units with the entry from Pekárska street, and also for spaces for services, which are accessible from the courtyard with facilities. The 1st floor houses office space with facilities; in the rear part of this floor are located two apartments accessible through the rear staircase securing privacy of the apartments. The apartments are not disturbed by the operation of commercial and office spaces in the front part of the object. On the 2nd floor (attic) there is similarly located office space with facilities and in the rear part there are two apartments, whereas one of them is a penthouse with spaces also across the 3rd floor. The attic (3rd floor) – the upper part of the attic in the front and in the middle part comprises office space with facilities. The rear part embodies a boiler room, a part of the penthouse and storage space. The elevator is installed in the middle wing of the object operating through all floors. All entries to the object, as well as all spaces in the interior are designed as disabled friendly, for persons with limited movement and orientation ability, according to the regulation nr. 532/2002. The building is air-conditioned. The ground plan of the individual floors is prepared in two alternatives. The cross-beams are variable according to the client’s requirements.


Basis characteristics of the building.

Type of object: Office and commercial building with four residential units

Investor: BELVEDÉR SK s.r.o., Trnava

Category: Newly constructed building

Location of the building: In the historical and commercial centre of Trnava, Pekárska street, plot nr. 24/1; 24/2; 25; 26.

Number of parking spaces in the object: 30 spaces located in the basement floor 

Art of usage: All spaces are designated for rent .

Expected start of occupancy: September 2011

At present time, cold shell with saddleback roof is finished.